As a Likkle yout I listened to rap music. In 1997 on December 2nd, my birthday, I woke up at the butt crack of dawn to listen to my birthday present. I knew my parents would not buy me the life after death album so I had asked for Dance mix '97. I was 11 and needed to get my hands on a copy of HYPTNOTIZE. I listened to song 1, HYPNOTIZE, on repeat for hours that morning and many mornings afterwards. I still listen to that song on repeat 17 years later. Rap is rooted in me so when I hear something that seeps into my psyche I experience a type of euphoric reaction. My homeboy Cam sent me his most recent album early. The work was fire and I needed to be involved. The idea was to visually recreate an audible album using instagram. This is what I saw when I heard the album. Take a look at the whole project here.

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